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I have worked in several occasions with Jamie during events as well photoshoots for my restaurants. Jamie is very easy to work with, very creative and does a beautiful job! Highly recommended for his amazing work! Thank you Jamie



Excellent photographer, very creative and super professional. Very good price too! Highly recommended 




 Thank you very much for the professionalism, Jaime's special treatment of his clients, highly recommended!

I'd love to see a magazine of Iconic Fotos exploits!

His pictures paint a thousand words. Highly recommended.


 I have had the opportunity to work with several photographers from different countries over many years and I was always happy. So far I worked with Mr. Jaime Iconic and I saw the difference. Mr. Jaime does not submit a "click" to a photo, he makes "Art", and his photos touch the "soul". For photography it is not just a job but a mission. In addition to respecting the client, who sometimes does not understand photography and have wrong ideas. Mr. Jaime works with the client, understands him, listens to him and shows him a better way. I am very happy with his work, he is a 100% professional. I recommend it with all my heart. A big greeting.

jamie 602.jpeg

Constanze Nohr-Łuczak
Professional Model

Very versatile and professional photographer. Jamie is my favorite photographer in Mallorca.

Very talented, friendly, and produces professional images! Iconic Fotos has a great eye for capturing the perfect shot. Kudos


Stephen Esterhuysen
SEO Manager

Jamie is Iconic as he stipulates. He looks for the finest of details and incorporates his photographic skills according to thematic visual elements that are suitable for your own personal preferences.

Andie Webster

Passion and life all captured in a moment through the lens. An unmistakable talent with unlimited dedication is all evident in this amazing guy's photos!


Dani Yuri

The photographer has the sensibility to put in the mood to take the most awesome pics... even if u are as shy as me...

Jaime es un profesional con grandes cualidades como fotógrafo, A hecho un trabajo muy bueno para mi Barbería “El Barbero Mallorca” (Translated by Google) Jaime is a professional with great qualities as a photographer, He has done a very good job for my Barber Shop "El Barbero Mallorca"


Richard Anthony Phipps

Iconic Fotos doesn't have a philosophy, He has a camera.

Iconic Fotos is a true iconoclast who pursues his vision through his signature framing and characteristic vision. He manages to transform seemingly ordinary nightlife and street scenes into visual poetry.

My companies strongly recommend Iconic Fotos.

I asked for help with a photo shoot for my clothing brand. Did not disappoint! Awesome photography and very professional would highly recommend


Gracias por las excelentes imágenes tomadas en en nuestro restaurante.Muy profesionales, imágenes y videos de gran calidad. Supieron entender lo que queríamos mostrar a través de sus capturas. Muy recomendables.

El Barbero, Mallorca

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